She was the most photographed girl in the world (THE Kodak girl)…and became a mafia wife.

Having grown up in Western NY, her story gets intense in New York City at a mafia-run club called Sundowners.  

She never knew exactly what went down at the after-hours club where she worked, but the intrigue drew her into the mafia’s underworld.

“I end up in San Diego, and I was married to a guy in the mob at this time. he was very abusive.”

Wanting to take her daughter away from their abusive household, she knew she could never escape her mafia husband.

Then one day, she grabbed her daughter, got in the car and started driving away.

My guest today is Georgia Durante.  She is the author of “The Company She Keeps”

Georgia shares that she buried her abusive past life deep inside for years, hardly ever thought about it or dealt with in, until she began writing her book.

Then things became clear.