We have all seen that sad ol’ horse on face book, tethered to a blue plastic chair. She’s standing there in the heat, looking pathetically dejected…wishing she were somewhere else.

Of course, she COULD be somewhere else by walking away, perhaps dragging the useless chair, but walking away none the less.

What is the “blue plastic chair” that’s holding you where you don’t want to be?

If you are thinking, “Yes, I’m stuck but I don’t know what’s holding me here.”, then you are most likely not being honest with yourself. You do know what’s got you stuck in a place you’ve outgrown, but perhaps you don’t want to face the reason.

Why would you not want to face the thing that has your stuck? Wellllll, because it will most likely mean you’ll have to change! There’s that dreaded word: C.H.A.N.G.E.

Change is simple, but it’s not generally easy. Change means some one may become upset with you. Change means your behavior will be different and your friends and family will notice. Change means you might decide to seek a new career, a new living situation, move to another city or state…or Country!

Change is exhilarating when it’s the process of becoming who you really are. Change is some times …well, life altering.

When you listen to The Second 53 Years you hear real life women talking about the process they lived through to move from Where they were to Who they are. You hear joy, satisfaction, high energy and smiles.

You also hear about the fear involved, the uncertainty and questioning decisions being made. Not every change works the way we think it will; not every change leads where we think it will.

But every change is a baby step toward becoming who we are here to Be.

Listen to The Second 53 Years podcast number 010 for some rock solid suggestions for knowing what’s holding you in an area you’ve outgrown.

Do the suggested exercises (the homework!). You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re interested in joining a group of women making changes similar to the ones you’re considering, get some information about Discovering Hidden Wings.

www.DiscoveringHiddenWings.com This may be just the motivation and support you’re looking for!