“If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for adventure.” ~ Wright brothers

Man oh Man, have I ever taken lots of crazy chances. Nothing like inventing the airplane or light bulbs or the internet, but I did attempt and succeed riding a bicycle across the U.S. … everyone said I couldn’t do it. And now it’s one of my favorite memories.

Taking chances is what makes Life so much fun…such an exciting Journey. I took a chance and married my high school sweetheart. That didn’t work out so well and ended in divorce 34 years later. After being single for 12 years, I took a chance and married a man I dated when I was 15…we recently got married after bseing reunited only six months. This story is still being   written but I’m certain it’ll have a happy ending. I took a chance and ventured into entrepreneurship several times in my Life. Some have worked well, some not so much.

Am I impulsive? I don’t think so. I generally jump off cliffs after I’ve researched and completed due diligence. When I jump I know I’ll either land safely or fly. I learn something either way.

My Life has been an exciting adventure because I take lots of crazy chances. Nope, I’m not as successful as well known risk takers, adventurers and inventors. I am successful in my own mind, in my perspective.

Some people like the middle of the road. They don’t change their hair color or style (I change my hair color and style a few times a year); they purchase only quality, conservative and classic style clothes (I do, too…I also buy clothes at Good Will that aren’t “me” at all. It’s fun to experiment); They remain at the same job they’ve had since college graduation and live in the same town, same street, same house (I can’t count the times I’ve moved, changed jobs, bought and sold businesses and tried entrepreneurial ventures).

The stay-in-one-place lifestyle is fantastic for those who choose it. I’m more of the take-crazy-chances type…the other one would drive me crazy, mine would make them basket cases, I’m sure.

I do encourage you, though, to try something different once in a while. How about once a month?

Let me know how that works for you. Tell me what you’ve tried, whether you liked he experience or not…did ya learn anything? Contact me at Mickie@TheSecond53Years.com or comment on this blog sight.

Thanks a bunch! I look forward to hearing about the crazy chance you took.