OK, so you are in the second half of your life. You are over 50 and you are either retired or anticipating retirement soon.

What are your plans?

Do you think you’ve “put in your time” and now you’re going to veg out in front of the television…spend a lot of time babysitting your grand kids…maybe learn to play bridge???

Stop it!!

You may be leaving your career behind, but life IS still an exciting Journey. The decision, the choice, is yours… couch potato or excavate that dream of owning a store, writing a book, hiking the El Camino Real, moving to California or New York City???

Lots of people, after retirement or in retirement age, make major life changes. Lots of women finally find the freedom to become Who they really are.

Choices are endless. Opportunities abound.


Take a baby step…

Google an area of interest, or google a career counselor for more mature adults. Take an aptitude assessment or a VIA Signature Strength assessment.

Take time right now to figure out Who you are, at your core. Maybe you’re one of the lucky minority who knows this already. Most of us over 53 year old women are discovering that, after all these years, we truly don’t know Who we are. We aren’t certain about our own opinions, separate from our spouse or significant other. No, that’s not a criticism. That’s just reality for many of us.

If you tell yourself you’re too old to start something new…Stop it!

If you feel like you’re past your prime and it’s time to go out to pasture…Stop it!

If you think “women of a certain age” can’t learn new skills or careers…Stop it!

Start playing; playing to your strengths.

Start playing: enjoying a new avenue to express yourself.

Life IS still an exciting Journey. Get on board….

If you could use a little guidance in your Journey, contact me. I’m a trained and certified Life Coach and my client niche is women over 50. Contact me with any questions at Mickie@TheSecond53Years.com

If you are interested in a group of like-minded women who will encourage, support and serve as accountability partners, check into Discovering Hidden Wings. http://www.DiscoveringHiddenWings.com

We at The Second 53 Years support you in your Journey from Where you are to Who you are. Thanks for walking along with us!