We are all busy. Some busyness created to avoid doing what needs to be done…some busyness is real.

Knowing the difference requires some quiet time, and paying attention to the time between the activity; listening to what our conscious and sub-conscious minds are telling us.

Creating a Life I don’t need a vacation from required some serious consideration of all my busyness. It required finding my Passion and deciding to live playing to my Strengths, rather than choosing to play small.

The golf industry is a career I inherited from my former husband. For a lot of years I thought that was “his” business.

With some contemplation and self-inspection (The space between the notes…) I realized several years ago that I’m Good at the golf industry…over the years it had become MY business, too, but I hadn’t realize that fact. I know and understand every aspect of the industry; I have a Passion for creating solid, profitable, service oriented golf facilities.

So, I embraced the industry and flourished….on my own.

I love coaching. It’s what I did during my hiatus from the golf industry.

Podcasting came into my Life “as if by magic” and it’s an industry and a career I am able to build a few hours a week in the evenings…without leaving golf… and incorporating coaching.
I have goals and plans for combining my two Passions; I think they will flip-flop. In a few years I anticipate podcasting and coaching will be my primary source of income and I’ll play more golf than work in the industry.

In the meantime, I am able to say with authentic joy and zeal, “I love the life I’ve created!”. I enjoy taking vacations, but my Life is so much fun, vacations aren’t required.

Listening to the “space” between the “notes” of activity has led me to the opportunity to create this Life, “the Music”.

I encourage you to listen to the space between your activities. Which do you adore, which are chores and not fun at all? Begin to move toward your Passion. It WILL support you, emotionally and financially.