OMGosh! Creating my style today is a little bit more difficult for me than it was in my 40-something years. OK, so maybe 60’s is today’s 40’s but I certainly don’t want anyone to talk behind my back about me trying to look younger by wearing what they deem inappropriate clothes.

Yes, I’m a little paranoid about this. Wanna know why?

One day I pulled a pair of suede pants out of my closet….they still fit really well and I loved them. (yes, they were still in style, too!)

My 20-something son took one look at me and exclaimed “WHAT are you doing, trying to look younger??”

That was it. Into the donation bag they went.

I’ve recently learned how to sort through my closet, deciding what to keep and what to toss.

Three simple questions:

1) Do I love it
2) Is it flattering
3) Is this the image I want to portray

I also created a New Rule: One new clothing item in, One old clothing item out.

I didn’t adhere to my New Rule for long.

Yes, my main closet HAS become two main closets…but one of them is for jackets and light coats. ( That makes sense, right?)

I do like my style…I call it Business Casual. We used to call it “Yuppy”, but now we’re in our second 53 years and Business Casual sounds better to me.

Maybe my New Year’s Resolution will be One new clothing item in, One old clothing item out. Maybe not.