The theory of Collective Collusion addresses the fact that society will side with the perpetrator when abuse is brought forward.

WHAT??      And why??

Because society does not want to question the Father figure, the Authority figure. If Authority is questioned, the implication is that we are ALL just poor, weak human beings.  Nope, can’t let that happen!

#Metoo has opened Pandora’s Box. I’m hopeful the wave of open discussion about sexual harassment and abuse will flow into the realm of domestic abuse, too.  Most of our abusers are not famous.  They are not news worthy.  Unless a victim is murdered, domestic abuse rarely rates above the crease news.

In this episode, Mickie presents her theory and opinion of society’s stance.

Please, join the conversation that abuse is real and we don’t have to live with it. Post hashtag #1in4domesticabuse.  It does not mean you have experienced abuse.  It does mean you are willing to bring domestic abuse out of the closet and into the light.

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