…may I be one in my next life!

I am 5’2” tall and weigh 125.  Suzanna McGee is 6 feet tall and weighs 165.

I work out with weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do cardio work Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday…for 30 minutes each (most weeks!)

She works out for hours and hours and hours…weights AND cardio, every single day…for hours and hours and hours.

I don’t look like her.  She’s Leo…I’m Aquarius.  OH!  That explains it!!!  (Not!)

I have another friend who enters and wins Triathalons…she’s in her late 50’s too.
I once commented that I‘d do anything to look like her….except what she does!!  J

Several years ago I went to a gym every single morning at 6 a.m.  I worked with a personal trainer and I became stronger, less flabby, I felt better.  I asked my trainer when I’d get to look like that woman in the poster (the one who looks like my friend Suzanna above, in the orange bikini)  His response:  “Maybe in your next Life”.

I know he was being funny… the truth is I MIGHT look like Suzanna McGee, if I were willing to work at it as hard as she does.  I don’t think anyone is born with those muscles and that metabolism.  Those are the result of dedication, concentration and work…hard work.

Muscle changes in our bodies don’t happen overnight.  Emotional and energy changes don’t either, and that’s where my dedication, concentration and work are best applied…. At least, in this Life.

Dedicated athletes and body builders teach and inspire those who are on similar paths.  The same holds true for those of us who teach and inspire personal growth, Mission Statements, life changes.

Trainers, strength coaches and sports coaches services parallel Life trainers and Life coaches, too.  Both fields attract caring encouragers, accountability partners and those dedicated to the success of others.

It occurs to me that neither field can make changes for our clients.  We provide the tools, high energy encouragement and accountability.  In both cases, our clients have to be committed and dedicated to use the tools, lean on the encouragement and do the work themselves.

We have a lot in common….

My body does not look like my friend Suzanna McGee.  That’s OK.  Our minds work much the same.  Doing the best we are able for our clients is the same.  And, we are both dynamic, get-it-done type women who have moved from Where we were to Who we are…in this life!!

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