Mark Twain said “The older I get the more clearly I remember things that never happened.”  We humans always remember life experiences a little differently than the way they originally happened.  When I first met with my divorce lawyer he said “there’s your side, his side and the Truth”.  He was correct!  Each of us brings our own perspective to our life’s stories.

The cool thing about humans is that we have the choice and the opportunity to change our life stories…to reframe them.  So, why not remember our past experiences, both good and bad, in ways that empower us?

My personal philosophy is that there is Good in every thing.  What appears to be horrible while we’re living the experience may bring with it some tremendous opportunity for growth or compassion or greater understanding.  It’s the Silver Lining theory, I guess…I’ve discovered that there is always a silver lining.

Our past experiences create our current life.  Our attitude toward past experiences tends to repeat in the now.  If we are glass half full people, we remember the Good in potentially bad memories, otherwise we are always looking for the dark cloud.

Fearful, hurtful, disappointing experiences, in and of themselves, need not define us, says Christopher Hall, PhD at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and expert in narrative counseling.

Events don’t inherently contain meaning, says Dr. Hall.  It’s the meaning we give our past that matters.  This is how our stories get created.  When we choose to reinterpret past events so that our role in them become more powerful…then things change.

A divorce or any other kind of painful event offers you the opportunity to define yourself as a victim or a survivor.  You have the ability to choose.  We all have that power.

Train your mind to see Good in every thing…past and present.  Empower yourself with memories of lessoned learned and experienced gained.  Your life will be happier, fewer disappointments will occur…the Law of Attraction will be in full force.

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