Life is full of surprises.

One year for Thanksgiving, I had a house full of family and friends. I should have noticed the house wasn’t filling with the aroma of cooking turkey but we were playing games, talking, having fun….and drinking wine.

The top of the turkey looked golden brown…the little popper thing that tells me the turkey is done even popped up.

But, the bottom units in my oven weren’t working. When I carved the turkey the lower half was bloody raw.

This could have ruined Thanksgiving…but we went to pizza hut for dinner instead.

Life is what we make it. I choose to find something happy and focus on that.

Some people say I live in “la-la land”, and I might. Some people say I wear rose color glasses, and I do. I say I live in “Mickie’s World” and I like it here. I welcome my friends and family…anyone who understands “cancel, cancel” and believing that there is Good in every thing… is welcome, too.

Living in Joy is a choice. Some people find it easier to choose Joy during the holiday season. Let’s make a pact that every day is a Christmas. Give of yourself and see what comes back. Decide to tithe and your abundance this year will be remarkable. Choose to do one thing new at least once a month.

Then, when you discover the oven wasn’t working, it’s no big deal. Go on out for pizza!