When someone cuts you off as you’re driving home from work…do you react or respond?

When your kids or spouse push your same emotional buttons in every heated discussion, or fight…do you react or respond?

Often, rather than put thought into why we react the same way to the same stimuli, we just do it.  He says this and you say that…every single time.  Sound familiar?

It turns out that patterns are formed in our brains, and they aren’t that easy to change.  The process is simple, but it’s not easy.

Sometimes the reaction is that of fear.  Sometimes it’s procrastination.  Sometimes it’s not believing we are capable of reaching our goals and desires for our lives.

Yes, that’s Re-Acting, too.  And, this type of consistent action creates stress and resistance in our bodies.  Stress and resistance sometimes leads to dis-ease.  We become ill.

Do you want to write a book, change careers, become a Mom, divorce your current spouse?  Do you find yourself thinking about how that might happen but somehow action forward never occurs?

I believe our dreams and goals, our ideas, are “given” to us…if we don’t pursue them, they go to someone else who will.  I’ll bet a new product or idea has become viral and you think “Hey!  I thought of that two years ago!”  It’s happened to me.

More importantly for our mental and physical health, I think, is either beginning to pursue that idea that’s been floating around in your mind…or let it go.  The more you beat yourself us for not taking action, the more stress and resistance build up in your body.  It’s simply unhealthy not to Be You.

I’m not saying you jump from where you are directly to where you want to be or do.  That might work.  It usually doesn’t.

Decide what small step can be taken today or tomorrow…not next week or next month.  What small step can you take every day, or every other day, beginning right now?  Write down your intended action, with dates, and then do it.

If that isn’t going to work, if you really aren’t ready to take action right now, then set that goal or dream aside.  Let it go.  Stop Re-Acting, letting it niggle at your mind, causing your Soul to feel bad, letting your blood pressure rise every time you think about not taking action, again.  Stop feeling like you’re letting yourself down.

The actions you take in Life are your choice.  If things aren’t going the way you want, then change what needs to change.  If change isn’t an option right now, then stop building stress and resistance around that thing.  See?  Respond rather than re-act. Simple but not easy.

If you want some help deciding which steps to take, please go to download my free ebook called “What If …your life could be different”.  It’s chock full of easy to take steps to help you create baby steps toward your goals and dreams.

There’s your very first baby step…take it!