Do you have a favorite “power” suit or dress? Every time you wear it, your day flows extremely well? Maybe it’s a thought or mantra, a daily routine or a piece of jewelry that is your “touch stone” for personal power.

Mine is my Mom’s beaded bracelet, made from Mom’s costume jewelry by my sister, Sandi, after Mom’s passing. Good things happen every time I wear it…I “take Mom with me” into important meetings, conversations at work and at home, and when I wake up feeling not quite as cheerful or confident as usual.

Wearing Mom’s bracelet makes me feel Good.

Is that all in my head? Maybe. But I don’t think so!

The bracelet’s influence on my life for the past few years caused me to investigate the power of beads on Humans. Turns out, beads have been powerful to people nearly since the beginning of Time. Think about rosaries and Buddhist prayer beads; Native American and Indian (from India) use of beads in religious and festive ceremonies.

My opinion is that anything we choose to give us personal power, inner calm or clarity of thought …. Any thing we choose will work, I think; A special ring, a particular necklace or dress or stone or thought. For me it’s Mom’s bracelet.

What is it for you? I’d enjoy hearing!

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