Think about that Time as a child when you realized every thing, any thing, is possible.

My 3 year old nephew looked into this flamingo’s eyes and exclaimed “I’m taking Florida home with me to Arizona!”

What he realized was that he could take his memories…and his vacation “feelings” with him anywhere he went and relive them at will.

As children we think we can do anything.  And that toy soldiers fight, that their stuffed animals talk to each other late at night, that they see outer space aliens, wild animals and imaginary friends…whenever it suits their fancy.

Consider what “never stop looking for what’s not there” means to you?

For me it’s encouragement to use my imagination to “see” what I want …

…what I want my life to become
…where I’d love to live
…what my dream home looks like
…what it’ll be like when I retire and only create podcasts!

As adults we frequently call using our imagination “visualizing”.

I have taught many clients to write a Vision Statement.

Here’s what I know for sure.

Visualizing works!  “Looking for what’s not there….yet” works!

I visualized a new job and the exact job manifested.

I visualized living in Florida, near the beach, and it manifested.

I visualized owning a home ON the beach and it manifested.

The KEY to successful visualizing is to FEEL the result.  Just thinking about it won’t work.  No matter how much you want it, just wanting it won’t work.

You have to FEEL it…

And, trying to control how it will manifest won’t work.

Create the vision, feel its reality and then let the “how” work itself out.

Moving near the beach in Florida took almost 5 years to manifest.

Owning a beach house occurred when I re-connected with a high school sweetheart and we married…HE has a house on the beach in Connecticut.

We dated for several months before he mentioned the beach house. I was shocked!!  (Somehow I imagined a house on the beach in Florida. It turned out to be farther North.  But, it is a house ON the beach and it’s spectacular!)

I encourage you to never stop looking for what’s not there.  If you see it AND feel it, you’ll have it.  Maybe not tomorrow, or next year…but it’s show up.  It’s The Law.