When you are at the edge of change, do you have that “lost” feeling?  I do.

When my goal or my destination is bigger than I think I can handle, I definitely feel “lost”.

That’s when I know I’m on to something really,
really good.

Often, at the brink of success, those nasty gremlin thoughts begin nagging my mind.  You know the ones I mean… “You can’t do THIS” and “Who do you think you are”” and “Oh Geeze!  Why did you even begin this venture?”

There was a time they won…even at the brink of success I would give up.

Not any more!

I do still allow that lost feeling slow me down.  Lately it’s when my job is demanding and I’m tired when I get home.  That’s when I’m more susceptible to the effects of the gremlin thoughts.

Now I recognize their existence, instead of just trying to block them out.

Now I listen and decide if their words are valid…sometimes they give me insight into changes I might make in the Journey to success.  Most of the time, I find the thoughts are just noise.

Life is  an amazing Journey!  Sometimes being lost is just part of the Path.  It’s not a bad thing…it’s part of Exploring.  So, don’t give up.

Keep moving forward…you’re not lost, you’re enjoying the Journey!