Have you ever experienced an epiphany that immediately changed your life? And then, Out of The Blue, all sorts of things happened to support your decision and help you move forward?

We call those synchronistic and inspiring occurrences “Lily Pads”. Why? Because they pop up in front of you and you’re able to step forward, one to the next!

One day in November 2002 my life changed. In an instant I knew I would never be the same, that I was on an adventure to move from Where I was to Who I am. Then the “lily pads” began to pop up…I took the steps, followed the Path that was being presented to me…and within six months my life had dramatically improved.

Has that ever happened to you? Sometimes it’s a shocking, sad, frightful experience that changes every thing. Most of the time it’s a “knowing”, an experience that seems “normal” but is nothing of the sort. It’s literally life changing….and it happens in an instant.

When we are open, such occurrences are acted upon. Sometimes we don’t even notice until years later that we missed an opportunity. When that happens, I don’t regret it…I know that things happen when they are “supposed to”.

NO, I am not a believer in pre-destination. I am a believer in Choice. Personal Choice. Sometimes we just aren’t ready for the opportunity that pops up. I’m also a believer in “this or something better”. If I miss a nudge, I know it’ll come back around, or something better will nudge me later.

Anyway…I got side tracked….

I encourage you to pay attention to Universal or God nudges in your life; when you get that “knowing” feeling of direction, start looking for lily pads. I promise, they’ll pop up. Step from one to the next in faith and in joy. You’ll be surprised how quickly your life can become better, more your own.