In a society they thrives on creating insecurities, liking yourself may be considered a rebellious act.”

It was a beautiful sunny day and I was out for a drive, with the top down and the music up.

Suddenly, I realized I was thinking about buying a Harley!!

I don’t like motor cycles…I’ve hardly ever even ridden on the back of one.  WHERE did thoughts about buying a Harley come from?

About a  week later I saw, at a grocery store check out line, a headline that read “Harley Targets Baby Boomers”.  I was shocked!!  I didn’t own a television and rarely listened to commercial radio.  How did “they” get ME???

Lots of messages, often without our permission, get into our minds.  And we play them over and over again. Eventually we begin to Become what those messages tell us we are.

Maybe a careless comment lodges in our subconscious…it could be something positive…like “you always look so professional!”  What happens to us then?  Our shoulders go back, our back’s a little straighter.  We feel good about our presentation to others. We feel good about ourselves.

Choose which recurring thoughts you choose to hear…over and over again.

What you think, becomes reality.

Many women are in the habit of repeating in their mind that they are stupid, or ugly, or fat.  When you tell yourself these types of things, immediately change your thought.  Tell yourself something positive, something cheerful, something good.

It’s the old adage:  “I wouldn’t talk to a friend the way I talk to myself!”

Become your own friend…

Be rebellious…Like Yourself!!