How often in your life have you come to a dead end street and suddenly you see a way through…you see an invisible bridge?

For me, it’s happened often.  What I’ve realized, too, is that I haven’t always “seen” that bridge by myself.  Frequently someone else has made a suggestion, a coach asked a stinging question, the solution is revealed in a conversation about something else.  Some one has often inspired me to see the invisible bridge.

I have attracted wonderful women into my life…Inspiring women from whom I’ve learned that mistakes, life experiences and poor decisions are not fatal.  I’ve learned that there is Good, there is a silver lining, in every thing; even those things that look tragic and horrific at the time.

Like divorce; death of a parent; children moving all the way across the Country…or overseas.

Dead end streets pop up, expectedly and unexpectedly.  It’s inspiring people who help us get across.

Who are these inspiring people?  What are their special traits?

Well, I’ve discovered they are many;  here are three:

They listen…they really listen to our fears, to our desires, to our dreams.  And, they ask questions…and then they listen some more

They tell stories…Knowing that someone else has reached this dead end and it didn’t stop them helps us know we can keep moving forward, too.  Hearing a story from someone who saw and crossed the invisible bridge gives us confidence and strength to believe we can cross, too.

They encourage…Rather than feed into our fears, inspiring people encourage.  They raise their own energy as they interact with us, and our energy raises, too.  Encouragement feeds the inspiring person and the person who needs inspiration.

Guess what?

YOU are probably an inspiring person!  You have probably listened, empathized and shared your story of success and encouraged someone to keep moving forward.

As we inspire each other, Life becomes more fun, less stressful.  As we inspire each other, we inspire ourselves.  Positive Energy expands.

Keep it going!