Have you ever found yourself thinking about doing something (learning to sky dive, ride a horse, write a book, draw, go to college…) but could not seem to find the confidence to take Real Action. Suddenly, out of the blue, a friend of a friend, a co-worker or someone at church begins talking about just starting to do whatever it was you were considering…Ah-Ha, you think, if she can do it, I can do it!

It’s true that we humans take comfort in numbers. It is easier to ignore the naysayers when we are bolstered by the knowledge that someone else has already been successful undertaking an action similar to ours.

Life is an interesting Journey! The wonderful thing is that we make choices every day about how our life will unfold. Most people find it easiest to stay inside our comfort zone, to behave and react the same way we always have…I know a woman who has not changed her hair style since 1968! Granted, that style has come around a couple of times in all those years, but mostly she just looks dated.

I know women (I happen to fall into this category) who changes hair style and color on a fairly regular basis. Nothing drastic, (no blue or fire engine red hair) but hair is something that’s easy to change.

Actually, so is our life.   It’s easy. And, it’s frightening. So, I suggest keeping your eyes and ears open. Soon you’ll hear or see someone doing the same thing you are considering. Don’t choose that time to be bashful! Gather your courage and go up to that person, or find them online, and begin asking how they got started, what was their initial step, which areas did they find difficult, how did they stay inspired. Then take your first action, your first baby step…

If she can do it…I can do it!

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