Stephani Roberts is also a podcaster.  Her show also deals with domestic abuse.  We are kindred Spirits?she and I ? and you.  Her podcast is called The Audacious Life.

After separation from her abuser, Stephani described herself as a “frazzled, anxious mess most of the time.”  With no family nearby, she decided not to lean on anyone else to get through her separation and transition.  She was not married to her abuser, the Father of their two children.  In some ways that made leaving easier.  In some ways it was much more difficult.

It was a rough time.  It was frightening.  She was determined to create a new, strong, vital life for her girls and herself.

Within a year of being on her own, Stephani declared, “I’m launching a career come hell or high water, even if it means going to bed at 1 a.m.!  This is my change to make a difference and I’m going for it!”

By embracing personal growth, Stephani did change her life.  She was determined to never again be attracted to an abuser and embraced the work required to ensure a better life for herself?and be the role model she wanted her girls to see.

Listen to Stephani Roberts’ story of falling in love with a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the process she embraced to create a healthy, vital life and very successful entrepreneurial business.

Stephani’s podcast is The Audacious Life

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