When I turned 65 I finally realized I am O.L.D.

Know why?

Because I qualified for medicare. OLD people qualify for medicare.  Therefore I am OLD

I have often described that realization as running into a glass wall. I knew it was there, that 65th birthday, that Medicare Age.  But I could see through it.  I could see my exact same life on the other side.

And that’s what happened.  I am 66 now and not really any older than I was at 46, or 56.  And, that’s part of the power of “I AM”.  Words and thoughts and emotions we attach to I AM become our reality.  Yes, I AM 66.  Yes, I AM O.L.D., as compared with my 37 year old son and 7 year old grand son.

But, in the scheme of things…in the Universe…in the big picture…. I AM an enthusiastic participant in Life.  Not old.

I love who I am now and I adore the friends and family who have come along with me on this amazing Journey we call Life.

It’s trite to say we don’t know how long we’ll be here…it’s also Reality.   My Reality is that I AM 66 and I embrace Life.  I choose to enjoy every day, every hour, that I’m given and to share smiles, hugs and love all the time.

Life often changes on a dime;  sometimes for the better, sometimes not.  Our attitudes, our moods or behaviors are most often our choice.   Choose what is best for you. Choose to live as your authentic self. Choose your Life.

And, be careful which words you attach to I AM…watch how your Life improves.

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