Life Lessons are those hard wired memories that float around in our brains and in our minds.  They are those “things” that tell us how to behave, how to respond, when to be happy and what makes us angry.

Life Lessons were taught to us by those who love and care for us; our parents, our teachers, family and close friends.  They meant well when they taught us these “things”.  We were kids. They were the Adults, Authority.

Here are examples:  Don’t run into the street…you’ll get hit by a car.  Don’t touch that stove…it’s hot!.  Don’t trust men…they’ll break your heart every time.

What does each of those statements have in common?  They are designed to keep us SAFE.  They are spoken to keep us from feeling the same hurts that the adults did.

Life Lessons are also positive.  My Dad decided, after he finished the Military, got married and had 4 children, that he didn’t want to farm with my Grandfather any more…he wanted to be an engineer.  So, he moved our growing family to Marietta, Georgia, enrolled at Georgia Tech and worked full time at night at Lockheed.  I have great respect for my Dad.

The Life Lessons I learned, and that has served me well in my Life, are:

  • Life isn’t always easy, but the change is worth the payoff
  • Make decisions. If you don’t like where Life is going, choose a different Path
  • God feeds the sparrows, but he does not drop the food in the nests. Work for what you want.
  • Choose your life’s path…don’t allow it to be decided for you
  • You can create a Life you love…that is yours…that is happy and successful

I am lucky.  My parents emulated a successful Life.  As I was growing up, we didn’t have money…we didn’t even own a car.  Most of my life we didn’t have a television, but we had encyclopedias.

The Life Lessons that have stuck with me are mostly positive…I don’t run into the street and if my friends jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, I wouldn’t!   J

I always knew I could and would create a fabulous Life.  Sometimes my choices were poor.  Yes, I’ve had lots of disappointments and sorrows.  How we deal with those negative happenings is part of the picture, too.

My picture is bright and shiny.  My picture is optimistic and encouraging.

I always knew:  I am an enthusiastic participant in Life, from being 3 years old wandering in my Mom’s peony garden to being 66 and creating The Second 53 Years.  Lots of “stuff” in between those ages….but I always knew.

I hope you have always known, too.  Or, that you choose now…