George Carlin created a whole show about how people buy bigger and bigger houses to hold all the “stuff” we accumulate over the year.

Very few of us follow the “Simple Abundance” philosophy of less is more…we hold on to more and more “stuff’ in our homes and offices…and in our minds!

I recently read that organizing our houses is not about a set of organizational rules, but acquiring the right mindset for becoming a tidy person.  Reading that concept created the house and mind clutter connection for me!

Here’s the thing.  If something you own does not bring you Joy…pass it on to someone else.  Some of my “stuff” I would have a hard time living without.  Some of it I had because a friend or family member gave it to me, but I never REALLY loved it.  I re-gift those things now.

I’ve learned to do the same things with thoughts and memories that no longer serve me; they don’t fit who I am today.  So I bid them fond farewell and send them on out to the Outer Limits of the sky.  That was part of the process for starting to live my authentic life.

And what about what’s left…what about the stuff we choose to live with, in our house and in our mind.

Years ago I recognized that my desk, my bedroom and my kitchen become messy and cluttered and disorganized when my mind is in that state!  When I tidy up my physical space, my emotional state of mind improves.  Have you noticed that about yourself?

When our minds are “cluttered” we tend to be holding on to ideas, concepts, images of ourselves that no longer fit.  For many years my True Identity was tied to the thoughts and images I held of my self as a wife, a help-mate entrepreneur, a Mom.  Now my True Identity is Mickie Zada, enthusiastic participant in Life.  I’ll tell you, it took years of tidying up my mind to get to that point…and it was well worth the effort.

I bet every single one of us owns at least one book about organizing our houses.  I’ve taken a couple of classes and downloaded lots of articles.  Have you?

I suggest reading those with a new perspective.

Read them now with a House and Mind Clutter Connection mindset.

I’ll bet you will create great tidiness in your inner and outer environments.

Please let me know how that works for you.  Do you find that when your mind is more tidy, so is your house?  Or, vice versa: That’s how it works for me.  When I notice my house is a mess, I clean IT up and then begin working on my mind.  Some how that works.

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