It’s a common scenario.  High school sweethearts.  He treated her like she was precious, said all the right things, and she ignored the red flags.

The military sent him overseas so they got married so she could go, too.  One night while dancing, he misunderstood something she said and he punched her in the mouth.  She was taken to the hospital.  The military’s resolve to his violence was to send her back stateside!

Back in the States, during an especially brutal attack, Hope dialed 911.  The police response was to tell he if she couldn’t get it together their child would be removed from their home! No support, the abuser was not arrested.  Just a threat to put their child in foster care.

In spite of all this, Hope remained confident that there was a better life for her and her child.  She knew from experience, improvement and change in her life was her sole responsibility.

Open and honest, Hope’s story of growth and creation of her safe, healthy and authentic life will inspire others.

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