I have been accused of wearing Rose Color Glasses.  Yep, I choose to see most things as positive.  Even bad things.  Often what I perceive as “bad” turns out to provide outstanding life lessons, or introduces me to a person or an opportunity that takes me on a new Path, in a new direction.  I choose to see the World as an inviting, safe and interesting place.

There are those people who hold their anger and frustration life an anchor.  It holds them in a place of fear and unhappiness.  I had an encounter of that kind recently and, rather than become angry myself, I began to wonder why that person was drowning in her (apparent) past.  She seems to experience life as a dangerous, unreliable, uncooperative place.

Guess what?  Our worlds are the same!  Our perception and reality are different, but the physical world is the same.

We’ve all had “bad” things happen in our lives.  We’ve all made poor choices, trusted the wrong people, been taken advantage of.

How we respond to those situations is the difference, I think.

Sometimes I’m able to set aside my feelings of hurt and frustration, and get back to joy and forgiveness, in a short time.  A few minutes, a day or two.  Rarely does that negative energy live very long in my body, soul or mind.

It makes we wonder why some people choose to hang on to that “stuff”.  From my perspective, hanging-on becomes a habit, and an excuse and an armor of protection.  The attitude appears to be “No one’s getting close enough to hurt me again” or “I’m striking first…this time.”

I could be wrong, because I have no idea what’s happening inside long-term-angry people’s heads.  I don’t want to experience that type of unhappy life.

What I know for sure is we all live in the same world.

My friend went for a hike along the Camino de Santiago. She was warned not to go because of terrorists and dangers.  She went, because those unlikely fears were not going to stop her amazing experience.

Years ago I chose to ride a bicycle across the Country; just me and my former husband.  We were young and strong. We planned to camp each night.  We were warned not to go; too dangerous, too many crazies; dangerous cars and 18 wheelers.  We did go, we rode 3,000 miles in 6 weeks, it’s one of my favorite memories.

Each of us chooses how we see The World, how we choose to live on the planet.  I choose to live full-out.  I choose to be careful and not put myself in dangerous situations…and to live Life on my terms.

Happy, exciting, joyful or  fearful, dangerous, restrictive…the choice is yours.

I hope if you are living in fear of the world and other people that you’ll find ways to release your hurt, anger and frustration.  A joyful, helpful, supportive and exciting Life is there for you.

Choose to take a baby step toward your freedom from your anger and hurt.

No matter your age. No matter your current situation, your attitude is your choice.