We present ourselves as confident, determined and gritty business women.  We keep hidden in the shadows the truth about the life we live at home. 

Fear, anxiety and guilt are our constant companions but are seldom expressed.  Like many of us, that was my guests’ truth.

Carole Sanek shares with us personal examples of every dramatic phase of the domestic abuse cycle.  Her charismatic, funny, and charming abuser manipulated her through control, financial, emotional and physical abuse.  

You will relate to the stories Carole shares.  They are all too hurtful and uncannily common.

Some of the phrases she used in our conversation could have come out of my mouth:

  • “…on the flip-side, people loved him.”
  • “We dated for 3 years; none of the abuse was evident until after we were married”.
  • “There was just something not quite right”.
  • “Eventually you know what it’s OK to ask about.”

Learn more about Carol Sanek at http://www.Carolesanek.com 

Her direct email is carole@carolesanek.com