4% of our population are sociopaths, according to recent research. 

Like most of us, Stacy Brookman unwittingly fell in love with and married a charismatic man who appeared to be loving and caring;  All that she ever wanted!  He turned out to be one of the 4%… her ideal husband was a sociopath.

She became a lifetime member of the Domestic Abuse Survivors Club.

He could not keep a job, and that didn’t bother him.  He suggested they move across the Country, and she went along.  He insisted they purchase ever larger homes; he even bought horses.  She struggled to pay the bills … he couldn’t keep a job … she went along.

Sound familiar?  It sure does to me!

Listen to Stacy describe the hell that her husband created and how she made excuses for his behavior.  She describes her embarrassment.  She talks about feeling guilt and fear.  He even bugged her car, her computer, her phone.

Stacy has now created a safe, happy, and authentic life. After embracing personal growth, taking responsibility for her life, she attracted a real man.  A man who loved her for who she was and supported her entrepreneurial ventures. A man with a tremendous sense of humor, who was not an abuser.

Listen to Stacy Brookman’s evolution.  She is honest, clear, specific and real.  Anyone who has lived in abuse will empathize with her former life. And, admire the life she has created. A safe and healthy, authentic life can be created by any of us and Stacy is happy, living proof. 

Stacy’s podcast is called The Real Life Resilience.  She writes and teaches writing;  Learn more at http://www.StacyBrookman.com   She even offers  a free writing webinar on her web site!

Stacy’s favorite poem is Veronica Shoffstall’s After A While.  Read it here
It speaks to me as a survivor.  I bet it will speak to you, too.