This little Gremlin looks pretty cute…like a nice little pet.  The “gremlins” in our minds are cute, too, when they are quiet.  Not so cute otherwise!

As we walk along our Paths toward goals, personal growth and inspired ideas, our confidence is strong and our minds are “set”.

After a day, or a week, or a month the gremlins show up.  They are the voice in our heads that say “I’m too tired to exercise today” (and once I stop, it’s over).  They are the ones who say “This one candy bar is OK” (and then ice cream later is OK, and pie for dessert).  You know.  You are familiar with that little undermining voice…that’s the gremlin.

My coaching clients are encouraged to name their gremlin and have talks with her.  Mine’s name is MariEllen and she’s the one who runs along the edge of my Path, biting at my ankles, undermining my goals…IF I allow her to behave that way.

When MariEllen shows up I often have a conversation with her.  I thank her for being there, doing her job of protecting me from making changes that are difficult or that my friends or family don’t understand/encourage.  Then I tell her to go away….at least stop talking to me.  Take a break, I tell MariEllen, or go sit under a tree.  Just stop talking to me.

NOOOO, I’m not psychotic!  I know I’m talking to myself….to that part of my mind that likes status quo in my life.  Change isn’t easy.  And frequently “that part” of our minds does seem to sabotage our efforts.  When our friends or family support the gremlins comments, change is even more difficult.

The only thing you and I are in complete control of is ourselves.  Yep, gremlins are those negative thoughts and fears that nip at our confidence…undermine our long term goals.  They are one of the aspects of our lives that we can control.

Sometimes the gremlins behave like 3 year olds…no matter our response, they don’t give up.  They come with a different tact, a different argument.  If it helps, imagine your gremlin as a 3 year old…you wouldn’t allow a persistent child to control you or get its way all the time.  Choose to do the same thing with your fears and negative thoughts.  Don’t let them win.

Gremlins, step aside!