You don’t have to be a golfer to understand this concept.

This picture is my grand daughter when she was about 9.  She has always enjoyed playing golf and I’m really happy about that  because the lessons she’s learning playing golf are also Lessons in Life.

The podcast that corresponds to this blog post discusses a round of golf I played recently.  My score was erratic and dramatic…62 on the front and 42 on the back!

That’s when it occurred to me that Golf Imitates Life.  Just like my score, Life can change on a dime.  Sometimes for the better, sometimes not.  One day…yep, One Day, I woke up and realized I was living in an abusive relationship.  Once I accepted that fact, everything changed.  I began to embrace who I was at the time and began taking baby steps to change my thoughts and feelings about how I was choosing to live my life …then my actions followed.  (62 on the front, 47 on the back!!)

Here’s another example:  There are no referees or anyone else on the golf course to be sure you play by The Rules.  Your playing partners might know how many strokes you took on each hole…it’s up to you to say “I had 4” or “I have 8”.  If you don’t count every stroke, you are only cheating yourself. You might not immediately “get caught” not counting strokes, but you will eventually. Plus, YOU know you weren’t completely honest.  That happens in Life, too, doesn’t it?  I know that every time I fudge a little, it ends up biting me at some point.

To get better at golf, practice is required.  That’s true with Life as well.  When we are learning a new skill, we have to practice, study, try over and over, take a class or hire a coach.  When I have a problem with my golf swing I take a lesson and then I practice what I’m taught.  In Life, lessons sometimes just pop up or someone points out a change you might consider.  It takes practice to make that change, doesn’t it?  It does for me.  Just like when my grip is changed, I tend to go back to the old, well known grip in a stressful situation.  I tend to do the same thing in Life, unless I’m truly conscious of my thoughts, emotions and actions, I tend to revert to old behaviors.  It’s human nature…(or so I tell myself!  ?  )

So, there ya go!  Golf Imitates Life.  I’m excited that I turned that 62 around on the back.  Still a  horrible score, but it’s mine and I posted it!  The 47 gives me hope and confidence that 62’s are a thing of the past.  Life Imitates Golf.

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