Do you remember lying in your bed as a kid, imagining that you were adopted by your current mean parents, who made you follow their rules, be in by curfew and eat peas?  Remember the nice feeling that any day your “Real” parents, who were wealthy and always nice, would show up on your doorstep and whisk you away in their fancy car…or their airplane?

Here’s a truth we don’t often admit:

Being the Victim feels good! It’s like being on the winning team of you against the world.

Every one of us has, at some time or another, held a grudge, stayed angry way to long, been mean to someone or been hurt by a loved one.

How we deal with those “Victim Mentality”-producing-events creates the amount of Joy we choose to enjoy in our lives today.

Imaginary wealthy parents are not going to show up to rescue us.

The odds of winning the lottery to make up for that money we loaned and will never see again are very small.

It’s highly unlikely that your aunt, uncle, teacher, Mom or Dad …whomever…will ever apologize for that thoughtless or mean comment or action

I don’t watch Oprah, never have. But I heard a story that she was abused by a family member as a young girl. Years later she saw her abuser and realized: He gave his actions NO thought. She was scared, devastated. She felt anger, fear, guilt and hate based on his actions. He didn’t give his actions a second thought.

Is that right?…is that fair???

Of course not. But it is how things work sometimes.

So, make a choice to stop letting those hurts of the past control your current life.

In every moment you have a choice – to continue to feel bad about another person’s actions in the past, OR to start feeling good right now.

Google how to let go of hurt and anger. There are a lot of choices. Pick the one that works for you and take action.

Give up all hope of a better, happier PAST.

Begin today creating a happy, honest, joy-full life. Living in the sadness, hurt and devastation of the past is a choice…release those feelings and choose happiness today.

You can do it!