I have a friend who has not changed her hairstyle since 1968.  Granted, it has come and gone out of style several times in the past nearly 50 years…that’s sort of frightening, isn’t it?

Bottom line, some people just don’t like change.

I’m not one of those people.  It’s not that I thrive on change or that it isn’t frightening and uncomfortable a lot of time…it is.  But that seldom stops me.

I’m also not one of those people who has all the answers…or who follows people who say they do.  Nope, my parents taught me and all my siblings to question the tried and true … the traditional … normal thought.  So, we are all a little bit off center from “normal”.  We think outside the box, march to a different drummer, see the glass half full  (wonder if I can come up with any other trite metaphors!??)

The first time I heard the word “bored”, I was in sixth grade.  I arrived at a friend’s house and asked what she was doing.  Her reply?  “I’m bored”.

It was such a shocking response I had to think about what “bored” means.  I had never been bored…and I am seldom bored now.

Life is too much fun.  There are too many options and experiences to feel bored.

I suspect that my friend who hasn’t changed her hairstyle since high school finds life somewhat boring.  I imagine my friend who was bored at 12 still experiences many of those moments in her Life.

Quality and joy in our lives is our choice.  If ”same-ol’, same ol”’ is OK with you, that’s a choice.  If it’s not, get off the couch and do something you enjoy…something you’ve thought about for a long time…something to get your juices flowing.  I don’t know what those things might be, but you do!

Children are natural risk takers.  They don’t have a “comfort zone”. As we get older we learn fear of failure, we begin holding ourselves back and attempt fewer new things.

Our comfort zone tends to shrink as we get older, but if we choose to keep expanding the comfort zone we’ll open ourselves to greater fulfillment and improved well being as we age.

Choose to be a change agent; at our age we have a lot of tried-and-true experience to draw on.  Become a mentor, write an inspiring blog…become a podcast host!

Want a little inspiration?  Listen to some of The Second 53 Years podcasts!  It’s a fun place to begin!  Just click on the podcast link.  It’s easy….