Do you know there’s a service dog a program for women suffering from PTSD as a result of sex trafficking and domestic violence?  

There is!

Lydia Wood founded an organization called Freedom K9 Project, specifically to meet the needs of women survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking.  Lydia said “Integrating into normal life after trauma can seem impossible, but we work with the dogs and the survivors to create a team that leads to the healing of the survivor.”  She “gets it”!  

Freedom K9 Program pairs service dogs with human partners.  Lydia describes the selection process and training the dogs receive.  And, the application process for the survivor; it’s detailed so that the woman receives the dog best suited to her life and healing process.

One of the strongest aspects of this program is that it’s structured so that the abuse survivor is eventually able to manage living a normal and healthy life, after PTSD and without her service dog.  WOW!

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