Four Things
You Can’t Recover:

The Stone after the throw.
The Word after it’s said.
The Occasion after it’s missed.
The Time after it’s gone.

At our age, we have gained Wisdom. It’s one of the best things about The Second 53 Years of our lives.

Every one of us has regretted the thrown Stone, mis-spoken Word, the missed Occasion and lost Time. The Result is Wisdom.

I’m hopeful that, at our age, these lessons have been learned.

What happens, though, is that we continually re-play that stone, word, occasion and lost time …
over and over and over and over in our minds. And, at the end of each re-play, do we constructively review the action and determine a better response?

Well, some times. Usually though, I find myself saying OUT LOUD, “You dummie, why did you say THAT?!” or “…STUPID!!!!”

Have you ever done that?

Several years ago I learned a phrase that I’ve employed many times. I say, out loud, “Cancel, Cancel”. Saying “Cancel, Cancel” after berating myself officially asks the Universe to ignore that thought and those words….it’s sorta like gobbling mis-spoken words back into my mouth after they have escaped! I don’t know if this is a True theory, but it helps me feel better and makes me feel not so anxious about berating myself in a manner I would never speak to anyone else! It also allows me to forgive myself for the long-past action and move my thoughts on to a more empowering mind set.

Again, I think that positive action is a form of Wisdom.

Yes, there are things we can’t recover and those are frequently the things we hash over in our minds, beating ourselves up and feeling crappy about …. Things we may have said or done thirty (30!!) years ago!

Use the “Cancel, Cancel” phrase, or any other that works for you to let those things go. Feel them flow right off your shoulders, through the top of your head, out of your solar plexus…where ever you release negative.

When we stop beating ourselves up for past mistakes, we create more space for positive, happy and loving memories.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. If you have another release practice, please share it with us on this blog. We are open and receptive to your ideas and practices!

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