Have you read the book “Heart Math”?  It’s phenomenal, and it will change your attitude toward your heart.

It turns out that our hearts can think…our hearts guide us…our hearts are as important to our existence and who-we-are as our brains!  Yes, it’s true!

So, the old adages about “follow your heart” and “only do what your heart tells you” are accurate.  Those who pay attention to their hearts live the most authentic lives.  I often consider my heart’s voice my intuition.  And, I pay attention.

Our dreams, our goals, are most often created in our hearts.  We “feel” the excitement of moving into a new reality, a new relationship, a new career.  Our brains, of course, are involved in thinking through the process, the nuts and bolts, but without our heart’s desire, not much changes.

Positive thinking is a good thing, and it’s a start.  But without positive emotion, which is created in our hearts, change does not occur.  Until we increase positive energy around a new idea or a new venture, we think and think and think…but nothing occurs. Action doesn’t happen.

If we don’t change our emotion about a thought or idea, fear keeps us where we are.  Fear won’t allow us to move forward.  We stay “stuck”.

When we engage our hearts, we move into joy, love and excitement.  Then we are able to change our action…we are able to change our lives.

“Follow Your Heart”…it’s good advice.