“I prefer the company of happy people who are believers in Magic…and of magical people who are believers in Happy”  

I don’t know who wrote that statement, but I sure do agree!

I am a happy person and a believer in Magic and I attract those people who think like I do.  Consequently, my Life is amazing.

It was told to me that I create my Life, my Realities, and I came to believe that’s true.  I believe it because I tested it out!

All my life I’ve held on to visions of how I want my life to be, where I want to live, the quality of living conditions and important people around me.  It’s worked… every single time!

Sometimes the things I envision, and hold high Energy toward receiving, don’t manifest immediately.  In the process of waiting, I’ve learned that My time frame isn’t always the same as the Universes (God’s) timing.  Immediate Gratification is no longer a major part of my belief system!

Moving to Florida was a desire I created and perfected in a Master Mind Group while living in Illinois.  Four years later, I was very well employed on the Southwest Florida Coast.

Buying my very first home after divorce was a long shot.  Within a year I had purchased a cute little place on a small lake…and it was cheap…and the owners quickly offered to finance for a year.

One of my big desires has been a beach house…for about eight years I’ve wanted to live in a beach house on the ocean.  No idea how that was going to happen…I couldn’t afford beach front property.  But I held on to the Belief and Knowledge that I didn’t have to know how…I just had to hold the desire and keep my Energy high.  As it happened, I reunited with an old flame and, unknown to me, HE owns a beach house.  It was well worth the wait!  (I got a beach house and a fantastic husband!!)

Yes, this IS Magic!  We are all able to create magic, every single one of us…the key is being happy.  Be happy and celebrate all that you have, while holding on to what you’d like to manifest in your Life.

Start small…like creating more happiness and joy today.  Watch for those occurrences that support your belief.  I discovered that quite a few opportunities to be happy, to laugh and to be joy-full, escaped my attention before I began watching.

If you’re holding a big thing, like a beach house or a move to another State (or Country), increase your Energy around that thing.  Feel what it is like to be there, or to have that thing.  And, don’t waver…you deserve everything your heart desires.

It will show up!  It’s how Life works….It’s Magic!!