It’s easy to become complacent.

It’s easy to put our dreams and ambitions on a shelf,
thinking we’ll “get to them someday”

Or….  “I’m not ready….yet”

What if “someday” or the time we feel “ready” never show up?

What if you or I die before we do what we know we are meant to do?

It happens all the time…but we never think it’ll happen to us.

How would your life be different if you were told TODAY that you have
only six more months on Earth?

Whatever comes to mind…DO THEM TODAY. Why? Because it could happen.

It happens every day to thousands of people. So far you and I have been lucky.

Your life is probably good right now. You are paying your bills, you have a good job, there’s food in the cupboards, beer in the frig.   But, are you LIVING?

A Great Life is achieved when we are doing what we were sent here to do.
It’s doing what brings us joy. It’s earning a living sharing our gifts with others.

A Good Life gets in the way of our Great Life.
We are comfortable just getting by with a nice pay check…a big house…private school for our kids…belonging to The Club

None of that is important when we live a Great Life.

Sure, “stuff” is nice and it makes life feel easier. A Great Life will provide those rewards, too. It will also let you sleep at night and be thrilled to wake up in the morning. A Great Life is living the dream that’s hidden in your heart. It’s writing that book or becoming a doctor or teacher or interior designer. It’s Living the Life you were sent here to live. Sharing your gifts and making money at it!

If you were told today that you only have 6 months to live,
what would change?

Why wait…do that now.