Life is a reflection of who we are.  If we are serious about everything, everything in life seems serious;  Mole hills become mountains, small incidents become major altercations. Does that sound like the Life you’re living?

Life is and will always be complicated.  How we deal with the complications is our choice.

You have heard stories about people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness and they die within weeks, while others with the same diagnosis live for years beyond prognosis.  What’s the difference?  I think it can be found in each person’s attitude and choices.

I’ll admit right now that I’ve never faced a dire prognosis…Type 2 diabetes is the most serious challenge I’ve faced.  I don’t know how I’d handle a life threatening diagnosis.  I hope I’d maintain the attitude I’ve developed over the years…I hope I would continue to be happy right now and through it all. I’d know on a different level that I was running out of time; I hope I’d enjoy each day with a new respect.

This is my personal challenge and my challenge to you:  don’t wait for things become dire or to get easier, simpler, better.  Reality is that time IS running out.  We are not guaranteed one more minute.

Is there an activity you think you’d enjoy?  Is there a State, location, Country you’d like to visit? Has it been a long time since you’ve seen your siblings, cousins, grand children or friends who live out of town?  If the answer to any one of these questions is “Yes”, then what’s stopping you?

Is there someone you hold a grudge against?  Are you harboring negative feelings toward someone for an action, harsh words or a slight?  Forgiveness is the key to releasing those negative emotions.  Sometimes the person who needs forgiveness from you… is you.  Forgiving ourselves is a huge step toward happiness in life, and to learning to be happy right now.

We are in our Second 53 Years.  My “intention” is to live to be 106 because my first 53 years were for everyone else…these 53 are mine.  It is my “intention” to live life fully, in joy and in alignment with Divine Intent, to remain healthy in body and mind and to continue to grow Spiritually.  The choices I make, every single day, must meet the parameters of my intentions.

Life will always be complicated.  I am learning to be happy right here, right now.  Otherwise, I will eventually run out of time.  When is “eventually”?  I hope it’s many years down the road.  It could be today or tomorrow.

That’s not fatalistic. That is Reality.

I choose to make decisions that lead to a happy “now”.  It’s all we have.  Won’t you join me?