My sister, Judy (who is 10 years younger than me) recently spent a week with me in Florida.

We enjoyed several conversations about memories of our childhoods, our parents, our similarities and our differences.

Our childhood homes were vastly different.  Mom was a non-driving, stay at home, PTA-involved  parent for me;  she was a career woman who worked long hours and drove into down town Chicago every day once Judy was in first grade.

Yet, our core beliefs, work ethic and confidence in ourselves as women are very much the same.

“Do you remember?” became a consistent question…many of her front and center, life effecting, memories about upbringing, family traditions and youthful home life were foreign to me….totally different from my remembering.

Yet, the foundations of our adult lives are very similar.  That was an interesting and fascinating discovery!

The Lesson in our discussions is that the question and responses to “Do you remember” are fun to consider, but are not that important.  The better question might be “What was the Life Lesson?”

In spite of the vast family differences in our childhoods, our core values are very much the same.  Our Life Lessons turned out to be essentially the same.

Whether Mom was stay at home or a career woman, she taught us to be strong women, to speak our minds and to be true to our Authentic Selves.  Whether Dad was a college student or in upper management, he taught us a solid work ethic, how to think for ourselves and how to make decisions.

It shocked me to learn how much my baby sister and I are alike! I’ve always thought we were vastly different.

It might be interesting for you to talk with your siblings about memories, family dynamics and Life Lessons, especially if there are lots of years between you.  My conversations with Judy were eye-opening, inspiring and lots of fun!!

Plus, I gained a new perspective, a deeper respect, for our parents.  I wish they were still alive so we could discuss our lessons with them…and thank them.