Most of us have made a decision to change something…right now! The something could be big or small: end a long held habit, change careers, quit smoking, adopt a pet.

For me, I had chosen for years to live an un-authentic life, leaving the Real Me behind. Finally as if by magic, I decided to change. Now. This day. This minute.

And I did.

If you are in the “life change” process, you are definitely not alone.
To make changes, though, we have to get off of the Island of Yeah-But…

It’s an Island because we really can feel stranded there!

The “Yeah” pushes us toward our Passion…the “But” stops us dead in our tracks.

Martha Beck suggests that the next time you hear yourself say “Yeah, but….”, ask yourself if you’re describing a real obstacle that cannot truly be avoided. If it’s that same ol’ excuse you’ve used before, do exactly what your Yeah-but says you shouldn’t. Keep the “yeah” and kick the “but”!

If you have trouble deciding if your obstacle is too big to maneuver around or through, you may need to address the fears that trigger the Yeah-buts in the first place. Consider hiring a coach or joining a support group.

Fear of moving forward, procrastination, is generally founded in a Life Lesson we’ve been taught. “Stay safe, don’t take chances” is one. “Who are you to think you can do something great?” is another. Of course, “You’re too old, not smart enough, or not educated enough” are other “Yeah-buts…”

What I know is that we don’t make changes until the pain is big enough. It’s easier to stay in a bad situation than to jump off that cliff of the unknown, the action that takes us to something better.

Sure, it’s frightening.

And it’s exhilarating, freeing, exciting, worth the effort!

Take a baby step today to make a change…or take a major action to move to where you want to be.

Here are some tools to help: