What does living a zestful life mean to you? What does it feel like to be full of zest and zeal?

When you are working on a hobby, or enjoying a project at work, how are you feeling inside?   Zestful, right? Happy and joy-full. You feel productive, stimulated and enthusiastic.

Would you like to feel that way all the time (well, 99% of the time)? You can. Choosing a more zestful life is your choice.

People who have discovered their life Mission and live it are zestful. People who know why they are on Earth, who use their personal gifts are zestful. People who can honestly say they love their lives are zestful.

If you are not one of those people, and you want to be, begin right this very second to change. Smile more. Find the good in every situation. Begin writing that book, painting that picture, composing that song, taking that class. Whatever it is that you know is YOU….begin to do it. Now.

Start with something small…then something more…then do it every week…then every month. Pretty soon your friends and family will wonder what’s happened to you. You are more productive, more creative, more cheerful. You are being y.o.u.

Take this challenge. Let me know how you feel. Let me know what people think (be prepared for some of your friends and family to be resistant to the New You. Mostly seeing your improvement will make them feel less adequate. So, when that happens encourage those people to do what you’ve done.)

Contact me at Mickie@TheSecond53Years.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.