There are hundreds of google pages written with advice about “How To Be Happy”.

Most offer great advice and most of the advice is much the same…You’ve probably heard me say, there are only a few Truths and everyone teaches them with slight twists.

My “twist” on choosing happiness is this: When you know your personal Mission, happiness is yours.

Discovering your Mission can be quick or not. For some, it’s a matter of getting centered, or sitting in meditation, where the Mission pops into your mind. For others, it’s nearly like excavation… it takes a while for it to come forward.

I like to use the tomb stone method. Say to yourself, my tomb stone will read:
Here lies Mickie. She was known for living in Guidance and letting her Light shine.

One of my coaching friends uses the 100th birthday message: At your 100th birthday, what do you want people to say about you?

My personal Mission is, in joy and faith, to align with Divine Intent and serve as a beacon to others.

Your Mission should be short and easily understood by a 12 year old.

Your Mission will become so much a part of you know it like you know your name.

Your Mission will serve as your personal North Star.

Your Mission is the reason you are on this planet at this time. It’s the gift that you give to the world. It is your passion and your Being.

When you know your personal Mission, you can no longer say you don’t know what you’ll be when you grow up!

When you choose to live your Mission, you are choosing happiness. The planets align in your favor; amazing coincidences occur; ideas, concepts, dreams manifest in your Life.

When you live your Mission, you are living on purpose; Happiness and joy are present in your life.

That’s my twist on choosing happiness. If you would like help discovering your Mission, contact me.