What would you do if a dying friend challenged you to “change the paradigm” in your life?

Would you know what you were being asked to do?

A paradigm is a shift, a change in a model…it’s a change in the way you choose to view, and to live, your life.

Think about it.

What paradigm could, or more importantly, WOULD you change?

Mine would be feeling so tied to a regular pay check. I’ve grown quite accustomed to getting a nice check automatically deposited in my bank account a couple times a month.
I know that my bills are paid, automatically, and that I have enough money left over to buy a new dress, eat out with friends a couple times a month….you get my drift.

The paradigm that I’d like to change, the thing my most courageous self would say to me, is that I am ready, willing and able to become fully self employed again.

My brain is SCREAMING “No!, No! No!” but my Heart and Soul are telling me to make a plan; short term…maybe a year or two.

So, as I instruct my clients, I will create baby steps to begin seriously moving forward. First will be to complete the project of selling on-line classes. Second is to complete the project of mailing postcards to local women over 50 who meet my Avatar parameters.
FIRST is Believe I am ready and willing to take his huge jump.

What’s my WHY? To be able to travel back and forth to Connecticut with my husband. When I’m self employed, I’m not tied to someone else’s schedule.

So here I go changing the paradigm.

And I CAN do it…

And so can YOU!

Please let me know what you’re going to do and how you are going to begin.

Send an email to Mickie@TheSecond53Years.com

I’m looking forward to hearing about your determination and your progress.