Approximately 39.6 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with all cancer sites at some point during their lifetime, based on 2010-2012 data.

It’s a life experience that touches every single one of us…if not personally, then family, friends, co-workers.

Why do some people survive waaaay beyond predictions and others succumb to the disease almost immediately upon diagnosis?

I don’t have that answer.

And, I’ve never faced the diagnosis of cancer, personally,

I lost a brother to cancer…he was a Light to the world.  When his Light went out, many, many people were affected.  He was kind, generous, a fabulous Father to his girls, loving husband to his wife. He was a hard worker, a caring provider.  Why him?

No one knows.

I often say, I’m not ready to transition, but I am looking forward to getting to The Other Side to see how all this works.

I have a friend who was diagnosed in 2012 with pancreatic cancer.  She is now 100% cancer free and she regained 100% of her kidney function after it was reduced to 2% because of cancer treatments.

She is a walking Miracle.

Frequently, in the dark lonely nights in her hospital bed, her thoughts of dying…of transition to the Other Side…were very real and seemed eminent.

She began to think “I can’t die now…my grandkids are too young.”  “I can’t die now…I have laundry to do.”  “I can’t die now…I just adopted a new puppy and he needs me.”

She credits these thoughts to keeping her alive.  That and the power of prayer, the power of believing our bodies are Miracles designed to heal themselves and the power of willing herself to live.

Not everyone has the ability to do what she did.  Some do all the same things and transition in spite of it all.


No one knows…some believe we are granted X days on Earth, no matter our belief system or our determination.

This is a Huge Topic.

Please listen to the podcast titled “I Can’t Die Now…”  It’s inspirational and insightful.  Joann’s story of survival and healing is truly a Miracle of Life.