You know that song we all sing (or sang) in church…”Bringing in the Sheaves”?  Well, until I was leading a worship service a few years ago, I thought the words were “Bringing in the Sheep”.  The discovery of the correct words, in front of sixty or so laughing people, made me realize how words (and misunderstanding of words) affect our lives.  I realized by this experience that Life is fun…I laughed, too, at the fact that for over 50 years I sang incorrect words!

My sister told me that as a very young teenager she commented to a friend that he had “bony elbows”.  Years later that guy’s wife told my sister her husband never wears short sleeve shirts because of that “bony elbow” comment (he’s 60 now!!).

When I think about those words and comments that roll around in my mind, those that cause me to talk to myself…out loud…sometimes I shudder.  If I pay attention to them, rather than re-act, I discover most of them are not valid.  Most were said in jest or in anger.  Somehow my mind grabs hold and there they are, 10, 30, 50 years later (!) still haunting me.

It turns out, it seems to me, that the memories (usually unhappy or undermining to me) effect the quality of my life.  My Mom told me, when I was about 10, that I was “average”.  She didn’t mean anything necessarily negative by that;  Probably was preparing me in case I didn’t get into the advanced classes I was striving for.  As it turns out I did qualify for several…not math though and that was no surprise to anyone!  J  But, the “average” label stuck with me for many years.

So, there ya have it!

Old thoughts and memories, whether valid or not, tend to create our levels of self confidence, personal and business success, and quality of life.

Now we have a choice…hold on to those Untruths, or release them and expand our horizons.  Yes, it is easy to say.  No, it’s not simple to do.  But it can be done.

When thoughts that you’d like to release being chattering in your mind, acknowledge them.  Listen to who is speaking.  Decide if the thought has validity. Then let them go.  Sometimes I imagine the words as vapor releasing from my shoulders, my heart or the top of my head.  Sometimes I imagine the words themselves floating away.  Sometimes I say “Cancel, Cancel”.  SMILE when you do any of these imagings…smiling immediately increases positive energy.

Sometimes I have to do this several different times, several different ways, before they are gone.

Life is an amazing Journey.  We have a lot more responsibility in the process than we often take.  Your reality is your creation.  Create a life you love!