The Other Person in Our Marriage – April Tribe Giauque

My guest escaped the abyss of abuse through pinpoints of light. Her analogy is being in a pitch-black cave, when a tiny pinpoint of light is seen…and it grows…and leads us out of the darkness. It’s a perfect metaphor for our journey into, through and out of the abyss of abuse.

Life is Like a Bag of Popcorn

Feeling silly in this episode… a cute analogy of life being like popping popcorn.

When we pop popcorn, we have to make decisions…timing of our decisions is important, or we’ll burn it, right?

You’ve got to listen to the kernels pop, paying attention until the popping is far apart, and you have to stop the microwave before the popcorn burns.

A Pocket Full of Dreams

Like many of us, Justine said a lot the early signs of abuse were just missed.  Her guy was her Russian tutor…he was exotic, charming, bright and caring. Those are the traits she chose to pay attention to.  She was a young college student, 19 and vulnerable.

Justine Wentzell transformed from domestic abuser to an advocate for survivors.  Her book, A Pocket Full of Dreams,

I Was a Primary Target : Suzanna Quintana


“Hello, I as Suzanna.  I’m too Emotional.  I’m also too Sensitive, too Needy.  I’m Incapable. Unqualified.  I’m Like a Sailor (if I cuss). Life a Virgin (when I play innocent). Like a Whore (when I play).

Who is Mickie Zada? What is Surviving Abuse Network?

Who is Mickie Zada?  What is Surviving Abuse Network?   We are part of a growing wave of change…Join us in refusing to accept status quo!

Women are not equal in lots of places…but especially not in many of our homes and, certainly, not in the court system. Do you know that 70% of abusers

How Do I Heal from Sexual Abuse?

My guest says, in person and on her website, “I want to put a stop to survivors of abuse feeling broken, unfixable and absolutely frustrated because it seems nothing they do is helping. Honestly, it really pisses me off when survivors are not able to have the lives and relationships they deserve. Whenever I hear stories of survivors giving up, falling deeper and deeper into despair, or worse, being further traumatized by

Now You’re My Wife, You’ll Do as You’re Told

He swept her off her feet, even bought her a house with a big back yard for her two lovely daughters.  She believed she had fallen deeply in love with an ideal partner.

On the first day of their honeymoon, he grabbed her hand, squeezed it very hard and said “Now that you are my wife, you will do as you’re told, how you’re told and when you’re told.”

Christen Sacco You Don’t Have to Stay in That Dangerous Space

My guest, Christen Sacco, is a shining beacon of Light for women treading the darker paths of Life.  She is proof positive that we can make different choices, that we do create our realities and when we decide we deserve better, our lives will change.

At 20 years old she had quit college because she was pregnant.

I Was Never Going to be Good Enough

Oh, how often I thought that, while living in abuse; “I am never going to be good enough!”

Gia is open, honest, raw and descriptive of her abuser’s behavior toward her.  She is the same about her actions, doing everything she could not to incite his anger, fury, dangerous actions toward her.  Walking on eggshells.  Living in fear.

From Abused Wife to Family Law Attorney

Mother, wife, family law attorney, business owner, woman rights advocate and philanthropist are a few of the hats Rania Arwani wears.

Her goal is to educate women in abusive relationships to identify the signs of abuse and motivate them to speak up for themselves and their children.


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