Men Don’t Outgrow Being Abusers

We rationalize until we can’t rationalize anymore.  Sound familiar?  If you’ve ever lived in abuse, you comprehend the reality of that statement.  Mickie shares the story of an abused woman as reported to Huffington Post.  It’s not Mickie’s story, it is Jessica’s;  a woman whom, we hope, did the in-side work necessary to stay out of abusive relationships.

Being Aware of Your Thoughts

Our brains process 12,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Our conscious mind processes 40 bits of information per second; our subconscious mind processes 40 Million bits of information per second! Mickie provides ideas and a fun experiment to learn how to be aware of your thoughts, and how to choose the ones that support your growth, safety and sanity.

His Love Hurts with Amber Castleman

Abuse survivor and author, Amber Castleman, speaks her truth in this candid discussion with Mickie. Her new book His Love Hurts; How to Break Free from Your Abuser, and this open conversation with Surviving Abuse Podcast, chronicle Amber’s turbulent and seemingly helpless journey into, through and out of an abusive marriage

You Sound Like a Battered Wife

Mickie shares an anonymous story she found on line, a fabulous description of the emotions created by living in abuse, finally accepting the reality of the situation and the danger, emotion, and freedom of escaping.

Time is Life

Everyone knows time is Money. I say time is Life. Mickie lived in abuse for 34 years. She “spent” a lot of her precious time living in fear and control; precisely 408 months, 1,768 weeks, 12,410 days! Even though it often feels this way, how we choose to use our time is not out of our control.

Emotional Reality of Abused Women

Mickie discovered an on-line list and description of emotions experienced by abused women. The information was created by Rape and Abuse Crisis Center and, along with their descriptions, Mickie adds her personal experiences and feelings associated with each emotion.

It’s Been Awhile

For a little more than two years Mickie Zada consistently created weekly podcasts titled “The Second 53 Years” and “Figuring It Out After 50”. Since deciding to take her podcasts and business in the direction of addressing domestic abuse, “it’s been a while” since she’s consistently recorded podcasts.

Getting Real About Domestic Abuse and Our Change of Mission

I had a life changing experience this past week. I was in a situation where I was forced to confront my resistance to talking about domestic abuse and my past. My gut reaction actually surprised me. Could I really still have that much resistance to talking about my own past?

Your Dream Life Can Begin at Any Age with Barbara Brekke

You know where I mean…that spot that you hold so lovingly in a deep corner of your imagination, that some would call only a dream. It’s where you dreamed that your mean parents, who made you obey rules and go to bed early, turned out to be your Adoptive Parents.