To Grow is to Create a Really Great Life

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I Choose to Wallow in the Good with Stephani Roberts

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The Company She Keeps: Georgia Durante

She was the most photographed girl in the world (THE Kodak girl)…and became a mafia wife. Having grown up in Western NY, her story gets intense in New York City at a mafia-run club called Sundowners. She never knew exactly what went down at the after-hours club where she worked, but the intrigue drew her into the mafia’s underworld. “I end up in San Diego, and I was married to a guy in the mob at this time. He was very abusive.”

He Even Bugged Her Car

4% of our population are sociopaths, according to recent research. Like most of us, Stacy Brookman unwittingly fell in love with and married a charismatic man who appeared to be loving and caring; All that she ever wanted! He turned out to be one of the 4%… her ideal husband was a sociopath. She became a lifetime member of the Domestic Abuse Survivors Club. He could not keep a job, and that didn’t bother him.

He Hauls Off and Throws a Glass of Water in my Face

We present ourselves as confident, determined and gritty business women. We keep hidden in the shadows the truth about the life we live at home. Fear, anxiety and guilt are our constant companions but are seldom expressed. Like many of us, that was my guests’ truth. Carole Sanek shares with us personal examples of every dramatic phase of the domestic abuse cycle. Her charismatic, funny, and charming abuser manipulated her through control, financial, emotional and physical abuse.

She “Gets It”!!

Ruth Glenn is the President and CEO of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). She has served with this organization since 2014 and is a domestic abuse survivor. She “gets it”!

We talk about victims wondering “how could I have allowed this to happen to me?” and other realities of domestic violence.

People Know and People See

My guest, Bonnie Frank, created and managed a flourishing business, from scratch and on her own, while living in the midst of a very damaging relationship. She created her business by live-stream, every day, in spite of grueling accusations, confrontations and undermining by her abuser. No one knew what was really going on away from the camera.

But What Does OK Mean?

“And yet, our society seems to think we should brush ourselves off after a life-altering change, go back to work and be OK.  But, what does OK mean?”

That’s a quote from Heather V. Shore’s new book, Deeply Wounded Hope

You Are Not the Only One. You are Not Alone.

Today’s guest, Lindsey Ellison, wrote in HuffPost, “While our culture gets criticized for being too pro-divorce, I’d like to counter that criticism and say we are a culture of over-tolerance. We tolerate bad behavior and bad relationships for far too long.
We are rewarded for “sticking it out” and are scolded by our society if we don’t. I am often amazed to hear what my clients and readers tolerate in a marriage, and how they feel guilty for even having thoughts of ending the relationship.

To be a Great Parent…

Anna Seewald, Founder of Authentic Parenting, brings clear insight and provides helpful advice for those of us raising children after experiencing domestic abuse.  We discuss the core of her teaching which is, “to be a great parent we need to work on ourselves.  By raising our children, we are raising ourselves, too.” Our discussion includes touching on Programmed Patterns, those things WE learned as kids and have passed on to our kids. 

I Remember the Exact Moment…

Addressing tough issues with confidence, encouragement and love of life, this show is both entertaining and inspiring. My guest is a survivor of sexual abuse (including rape); partner abuse; and is the mother of twins who were abused by their biological father after a judge granted him visitation rights when the children were three years old.

Freedom K9 Project

Do you know there’s a service dog a program for women suffering from PTSD as a result of sex trafficking and domestic violence? There is!

Lydia Wood founded an organization called Freedom K9 Project, specifically to meet the needs of women survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking. 

Not Many Options

As a home-schooled young woman in a small, relatively closed community, at 19 Sarah was attracted to and married a handsome, charismatic and charming young man who swept her off her feet.  Almost immediately, though she was not physically attacked, his rage at the slighted provocation, criticism of her, dangerous, erratic driving, holes punched in walls and smashed dishes created fear and anxiety in her life. 

Loneliness is a Sign

Don’t you love synchronicity?  I do.  When two totally separate events come together to make sense, I love it!

In the past several days I’ve had people tell me they are lonely.  I’ve been surprised; that’s not something I hear very often. This show discusses loneliness and makes several suggestions to combat the emotion…the action is called personal growth.

No Bigger Illusion

Without regard to what the abuse was doing to you, were you taught not to embarrass your family by talking about your abuse?  Was the message loud and clear that talking about the way your abuser treated you would bring dishonor, disgrace, to him and the family? That is the lesson Mickie allowed to direct her actions and responses for many years.  Once she left, she believed that thought-process was resolved but suddenly, there it was again!

Am I a Fraud?

I was momentarily ecstatic when I read the news brief about me and Surviving Abuse network. Then the fear, the anxiety, the knot in the pit of my stomach erupted!


Top 10 Lessons Learned from Domestic Abuse Survivors

Odds are good that you have heard these Top 10 Lessons but, as a survivor of abuse, they are all buried. Our old buddy, Fear, has over-ridden putting them into practice, even in your new life.

You’ve Been Out of Abuse for a While: What Now?

Even if you’ve been out of domestic abuse for decades, I bet you are still being held hostage, in your head, by your abuser. There are thoughts and experiences that bring back that empty feeling in your stomach, make your heart race and cause the familiar burning dread of fear and guilt in our hearts and minds.

4,774,000 Women in the U.S. Experience Physical Violence by an Intimate Partner Every Year

The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. The number of American women who were murdered by current or ex male partners during the same time was 11,766. That’s nearly double the amount of casualties lost during war.

Join the conversation: Domestic Abuse is real and we don’t have to live with it! Surviving Abuse Network is one place for you to participate with a sisterhood of domestic abuse survivors. Together we will make a difference. #1in4domesticabuse