I Was Never Going to be Good Enough

Oh, how often I thought that, while living in abuse; “I am never going to be good enough!”

Gia is open, honest, raw and descriptive of her abuser’s behavior toward her.  She is the same about her actions, doing everything she could not to incite his anger, fury, dangerous actions toward her.  Walking on eggshells.  Living in fear.

From Abused Wife to Family Law Attorney

Mother, wife, family law attorney, business owner, woman rights advocate and philanthropist are a few of the hats Rania Arwani wears.

Her goal is to educate women in abusive relationships to identify the signs of abuse and motivate them to speak up for themselves and their children.

What is a Hijackal?

A Hijackal® is a person who hijacks relationships, for their own purposes, while scavenging them for power, status, and control.

Hijackals® make you question your sanity and constantly second-guess yourself.  That’s their game and they are very good at it!  They play to win at any cost.

You’re Not Crazy; You Were Abused

People often see the victim of narcissistic abuse as “crazy” and full of fear and doubt.  The narcissist shows up cool, calm and collected.  Right?

Why is that?

I Was Looking For My Way Out

For 22 years, Chandra Bachu knew what it was like to live in domestic abuse. She tried to escape; staying in shelters three different times, but without money saved, she returned home?.to daily abuse.

Public Lies VS Private Life

Executive Producer of the film “The Last Time”, author of Authentic Me: a Story of Strength, Perseverance and Faith, a keynote speaker, and an employment law attorney and legal advocate for increased awareness of domestic violence, my guest is Tiffany Hill. Her company, TH Authentic LLC inspires survivors to move past the pain of domestic abuse and into their authentic purpose.

Well known for teaching, “Nothing is more valuable than embracing one’s Truth”, Tiffany practices what she preaches. Her personal mantra is, “to live authentically is the ultimate

Lisa Vogt: “Ever Better”

People represent themselves as who they have been told they are…not who they really are…not who they aspire to be. My guest, Lisa Vogt, helps people create more fulfilling careers and lives by working and living in those areas that cause their Lights to shine. Her unique ability to expose and empower her clients to step into their strengths and joy, is evidenced in our high-energy discussion and the examples she shares.

Considering changing careers, exploring job opportunities, updating your resume? Lisa’s program “Just In Time Job Application” may be your answer.

Hope’s Story: You Think Your Situation is Different

It’s a common scenario.  High school sweethearts.  He treated her like she was precious, said all the right things, and she ignored the red flags.

The military sent him overseas so they got married so she could go, too.  One night while dancing, he misunderstood something she said and he punched her in the mouth.  She was taken to the hospital.  The military’s resolve to his violence was to send her back stateside!

He Beat Me Twice on Our Honeymoon

Her 2009 memoir about surviving domestic abuse, titled Crazy Love, is the subject of the very first TED talk by a domestic abuse survivor!

Leslie Morgan Steiner has been a guest on The Today Show, National Public Radio, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC?the list goes on!  Now she’s my guest on Surviving Abuse Podcast.

To Grow is to Create a Really Great Life

Most CPAs are black and white…no gray areas, no mushy stuff, no metaphysical beliefs?certainly no thinking like me! Deborah Williams is not that kind of CPA. She speaks about accounting and money mindset the way I talk about domestic abuse;

Life patterns affect our current lives
Our old ways of doing things may not fit who we are today
Everyone else is “normal’, why am I not?

I Choose to Wallow in the Good: Stephani Roberts

Stephani Roberts is also a podcaster.  Her show also deals with domestic abuse.  We are kindred Spirits? she and I ? and you.  Her podcast is called The Audacious Life.

After separation from her abuser, Stephani described herself as a “frazzled, anxious mess most of the time.”  With no family nearby, she decided not to lean on anyone else to get through her separation and transition.  She was not married to her abuser, the Father of their two children.  In some ways that made leaving easier.  In some ways it was much more difficult.

The Company She Keeps: Georgia Durante

She was the most photographed girl in the world (THE Kodak girl)…and became a mafia wife. Having grown up in Western NY, her story gets intense in New York City at a mafia-run club called Sundowners. She never knew exactly what went down at the after-hours club where she worked, but the intrigue drew her into the mafia’s underworld. “I end up in San Diego, and I was married to a guy in the mob at this time. He was very abusive.”

He Even Bugged Her Car

4% of our population are sociopaths, according to recent research. Like most of us, Stacy Brookman unwittingly fell in love with and married a charismatic man who appeared to be loving and caring; All that she ever wanted! He turned out to be one of the 4%… her ideal husband was a sociopath. She became a lifetime member of the Domestic Abuse Survivors Club. He could not keep a job, and that didn’t bother him.

He Hauls Off and Throws a Glass of Water in my Face

We present ourselves as confident, determined and gritty business women. We keep hidden in the shadows the truth about the life we live at home. Fear, anxiety and guilt are our constant companions but are seldom expressed. Like many of us, that was my guests’ truth. Carole Sanek shares with us personal examples of every dramatic phase of the domestic abuse cycle. Her charismatic, funny, and charming abuser manipulated her through control, financial, emotional and physical abuse.

She “Gets It”!!

Ruth Glenn is the President and CEO of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). She has served with this organization since 2014 and is a domestic abuse survivor. She “gets it”!

We talk about victims wondering “how could I have allowed this to happen to me?” and other realities of domestic violence.

People Know and People See

My guest, Bonnie Frank, created and managed a flourishing business, from scratch and on her own, while living in the midst of a very damaging relationship. She created her business by live-stream, every day, in spite of grueling accusations, confrontations and undermining by her abuser. No one knew what was really going on away from the camera.

But What Does OK Mean?

“And yet, our society seems to think we should brush ourselves off after a life-altering change, go back to work and be OK.  But, what does OK mean?”

That’s a quote from Heather V. Shore’s new book, Deeply Wounded Hope