Has it happened in your life that you look around and see your friends going in one direction, and you’re off somewhere else altogether?

I noticed by first grade that I was “different” from my friends. For me, “different” was more responsible, less child-like; a take charge little kid. (The result of being the oldest of seven kids, I assume!)

Being different, being the “girl on the right” has taken me far in life.

Rather than seeking “”normal jobs”, I always followed an entrepreneurial path. Sometimes those ventures worked, sometimes they did not. My hair has always been a little bit different from others (now my goal is not to have “old lady hair”) and, while orange, purple or pink have not been my hair color choices, I enjoy being a red head, blonde and brunette from time to time. I don’t often stray far from the sidewalk, but I definitely favor the edges!

Think about women you personally know, and women in history, who have chosen the path less traveled. Few people enjoy being around someone who is far, far, far from center, but most of us gravitate toward those who think bigger thoughts, come from a different perspective, who are willing to challenge the norm.

I’m lucky. My parents encouraged all of us to question authority and challenge the “norm”. They taught us to make decisions…and that it’s OK to change our minds when new information is presented.

I was taught that I WILL fail…and that’s not the end of the world. The Lesson learned in the process is more important than the project not working out. That’s a lesson I hope I taught my son, because today the philosophy is that everyone wins. In my opinion, that’s not The Real World.

So, I encourage you to step out there….no matter your age. Take a risk. “Just do it” as Nike says: Try something new. Begin a new hobby, a new exercise, a new career! If not now, when?

Those of us in “The Second 53 Years” are…well…in our second 53 years! We’ve already lived more years than are likely ahead of us.

Go For It! Be the girl on the right!!!