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Life is an amazing Journey, isn’t it? One second can change everything…one decision takes our life in a different direction….one incident can cause us to look at life in an entirely new way.

That’s what happened to me.

When my Life Coach asked what my pay off was for being (playing the role of) victim in my life…when I accepted that her question was valid…everything changed! Previous to that moment, I had internalized the notion that my life was happy.

Mine was NOT a bad life…it just wasn’t MY Life.

When I considered the Reality of how I was living, I knew that dramatic change was required; I realized that I honestly didn’t know Who I was. Yep, it’s not easy admitting that fact. After all, I was 53 years old! How could I not know who I was?

Well, in the process of growing up in a marriage (I was 18 when I got married), I chose to allow my husband to define me. It wasn’t his doing, really. Although, we was a Type A take-charge personality. And, he is the most brilliant business mind I’ve ever known. So, I set myself aside to play the role of the business partner, help-mate wife. It worked well for 34 years….then I hired a Life Coach! On some level I must have realized I needed personal growth.

And, I accepted that change was needed to begin living MY authentic life.

The Amazing Transformation of Rosie podcast tells my story. It’s a fun story, really…and it’s True.

Thank you for reading this blog post and for listening to the podcast!

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