Time with grandkids is an advantage of living in your Second 53 Years. Time for yourself and for friends and for taking classes, finally learning to ballroom dance, discovering Your Self are also right up there.

I’m nearly 66 and I still work a full-time job. And, I got married a few weeks ago. My Life isn’t what I thought it’d be at this age. I certainly never imagined that I’d still be working a demanding job AND creating an entrepreneurial venture in podcasting! When I got married at 18 I thought it would be forever…it lasted 34 years, when I realized I had stayed way too long at the dance. For 12 years I said I’d never, ever get married again. That turned out to be a “never say never” story!

My new husband is a year older than me and he constantly says he loves this age. I can confidently say I love my Life, but I’m not there yet, loving being almost 66.

I DO enjoy the fact that I am comfortable in my skin…and that most likely requires the advantage and perspective of age. I DO enjoy that I’ve released a lot of the “should”, guilt and expecting something emotional from others…I’ve had enough Life experience to rely on myself, to be confident enough to stand up for my self and my beliefs, to express myself without fear of rejection or concern about whether others agree with me or not.

The Advantages of Living in our Second 53 Years are many. While I’m still shocked that I qualify for Medicare, and I often see my Mother in the mirror when I walk past (?!?!?), I do enjoy my Age. I happily embrace my past Life Lessons and I’m anxious to venture into new ones!

My favorite statements are “I’m excited!!”, “Life is a fabulous Journey” and “I love my Life”. Considering that level of enthusiasm, I’d say I am happy about the Advantages of Living in my Second 53 Years.