You’ve heard “The best things in life are free”  and you’ve heard “You get what you pay for”.  Both statements are true.

The best things in life ARE free, and sometimes “payment” is in the form of time and conscious effort, rather than money.

The 5 steps to becoming more joyful are simple and free:

  1. Be Thankful
  2. Take Action on something you’ve just been thinking about
  3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness
  4. Name one thing each day that you did well or that went well
  5. Face future experiences with enthusiasm

It’s a lot of responsibility when we realize we are (I Am) creating my Reality every single day…every single hour…every single minute.

How I choose to think, talk to myself, respond to other’s behavior creates how I choose to live my life. (With a smile or with a scowl, it’s my choice)

Some people go so far as to say we create our health and illness.  I’m not certain that anyone chooses to have diabetes or cancer or any other debilitating or life threatening disease.  I do think we create our attitude and that the amount of joy we allow to flow in us and through us affects our health.

Feeling joy-full isn’t work.  It’s a natural state of Being. Appreciating the people, scenes, sounds and aromas all around us is normal and natural.  I walked into my back yard yesterday and caught a wisp of some sweet blooming flower from a neighbor’s tree.  It was divine and made me smile.

Smiling is an effect; a symptom…joy is the cause.

Smiling is also infectious. When we smile we increase our personal positive Energy, and we are able to pass that along to others.  Don’t believe me?  Just give it a try.  Also, when I’m feeling a little bit grumpy, or disappointed, I smile…a real live smile, not that fake thing.  I smile and I begin to feel better.  It’s even better if I have someone to smile at…they smile back…every single time!  Then we’re off to the races!  Smiles are contagious: Mr. Rogers taught me that a long time ago!!

Allowing the feeling of joy to be a part of your life every day will set you free.  The cage door it open.  You have to fly through it.

The best things in life are free…and we do get what we pay for.  I challenge you to be willing to pay the price for your personal joy…your freedom to choose high energy, happiness and true, inspiring joy.  Every action listed in this article is free.  The pay-off, the result, is priceless.